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We all need reminders. If not for our digital calendars and alarms, our post-it notes, and our spouses, most of us would be lost and would fail to meet most deadlines.

The Lord let Peter know that he had a responsibility to remind his fellow Christians about what was truly important (2 Peter 1:12-15; 3:1-2). The apostle took this charge seriously. He vowed to spend the rest of his life reminding the church about eternally significant qualities and ideas.

In his second epistle, Peter reminds us:

To grow (1:5-11; 3:17-18). Spiritual & intellectual growth will not happen by accident. We must plan and act.

The Bible can be trusted (1:16-21). In an age when Holy Scripture is often ridiculed or forgotten, we must remember to turn to the Word of God first in all circumstances. The Bible must be trusted, loved, and obeyed.

God punishes the ungodly and rescues the righteous (2:1-17). False doctrine destroys both teacher and student. The Christian relies upon the God who rescues.

The Lord is coming back (3:8-15). Our choices matter because, like a thief in the night, the Day of the Lord will be upon us.

Bart Warren
South Green Street church of Christ
Glasgow, KY

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