You Are Valuable To God

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Because of our keen awareness to our own imperfections, we are made to wonder, as did the Psalmist, “What is man, that thou art mindful of him” (Psalm 8:4)? I wonder, just as you do, how God could still love us after all our sins?

The answer to this great question came in the form of a crimson and gray scarf. Let me explain. You may have noticed the colors of the scarf, crimson and gray, are Ohio State’s colors. My wife, son and I moved from West Virginia to Ohio. We enjoyed great blessings while we lived there, especially our two daughters who were born in Elyria, Ohio. They have remained faithful to their place of birth, at least by the college team they cheer for. With their love for Ohio, they enjoy wearing Ohio State clothing.

My wife made each daughter a scarf in their favorite team’s colors. They wore them to school every day. Then one day, they decided to play in the snow after school. They played until they were too cold to argue anymore, and they came inside. We noticed only our youngest daughter Mackenzie still had her scarf on. So, I took a walk outside to look for Michaela’s scarf. I retraced their steps, but could not find the scarf. I was not worried, I figured she might have left it at school. We thought she had it on when she came home, but we didn’t know for sure. We reassured Michaela that it was probably at school, and she would be able to get it the following day. The next day came and no scarf at school. A few more trips around the house and no scarf. We searched inside and outside the house, but no scarf. This went on for a while and Michaela, though saddened, hoped it would be found.

If memory serves me, it was about a month and a half that the scarf was lost. Then one day as I made my way across the parking lot, I noticed something crimson and gray lying in the ditch. I picked it up, and it was wet and dirty, so I put it on the small concrete wall in the corner of the lot, hoping it would dry out a little. I went about my task and returned about fifteen minutes later and the scarf was gone. I looked around and saw Michaela walking towards me. Her smile was bigger than the scarf. There it was around her neck, dirt, water, and all. It was lost and now was found, though dirty and stained (and stinky) it was loved just the same.

Likewise, it matters not to God how dirty we get wallowing in sin, God still sees our value and wants to possess us. We are God’s creation—His offspring—and He will never stop loving us. Are you valuable? Yes! Stop selling yourself short. Do you feel guilty for your sins? Good! “For godly sorrow worketh repentance to salvation” (2 Cor 7:10). “God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” (2 Pet. 3:9).

Michael Foresha (edited)
Nettleton church of Christ
Jonesboro, AR

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