Absence And Alarm!

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There is a correlation, you know. When a Christian is absent from the worshiping assembly, there is cause for alarm.

“Why? Whose business is it?” says the absentee, “If I want to miss, let me be — what does it hurt anyway?”

Glad you asked the question. It hurts a lot! It hurts you, first. Fellowship of the saints in the presence of Christ is a stirring experience. Sharing exhilarating emotions with those who love the Lord as together you sing, pray, teach, commune and give is an uplifting exercise. What better could you do? The Bible states to absent yourself only if there is a matter to be straightened out with you and your brother, doesn’t it? The assembly certainly takes priority over the ordinary life.

Secondly, you hurt those closest to you. Helpmate or children quit because you do. Your lack of zeal and interest telegraphs to them, “CHURCH IS NOT IMPORTANT,” They love you – you are the big one in their life. You thus take from the Lord instead of to Him, those you love most.

Thirdly, the relationship between absence and alarm is further heightened by the fact that the surest path to backsliding is absenteeism. There is more to being a Christian than attending services, but the attendance can never be minimized. It is a vital part of our duty.

Nothing is equal to the church of the Lord. To leave is to go downhill. Nothing is dearer than the duty to REMEMBER ME, Jesus demands it. Absence lets you remember self. Why would no one be alarmed when even one member is absent? He is selling short his opportunity—he’s disobeying his Lord. Be certain about your attendance. When one is absent willfully, he is going the wrong way!

Turn around, brother, come home.

Jim Bill McInteer

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