God, Make Us the Men You Want Us to Be

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Where can we find strong men to stand
With us and You, against all odds?
The time we live in now demands
Strong minds, great hearts, true faith and ready hands
That will not yield to others what is God’s.

Give us men of honor and good will
Whom spoils of office cannot buy.
Men with great insight, strength and skill
Whom lust and stress of office cannot kill,
Men of integrity who will not lie.

In public or in private thought 
Help us keep our heads above the fog 
And empathize with all who’ve sought 
To free us from some tyrant, and have fought
A selfish and self-loving demagogue.

While we are mumbling thumb-worn creeds
Strife rules the day and freedom weeps.
The darkness cannot hide their deeds.
Wrong rules the land and in vain the righteous pleads. 
Let us not fear while waiting justice sleeps.

God, let us be men, big in heart. 
Armed with the Holy Spirit’s sword,
Let us be prompt to do our part
And stay with Him with whom we’ve made a start,
Not giving up to serve some other lord.

When Christ returns, we then shall know 
The fullness of His wondrous love
Who, by His words and deeds, did show
That He from whom eternal blessings flow 
Finds us the men He wants in heav’n above.

How great to know that we can find
In Christ, the Lord who makes us free
Of stress, abuse, and strife; from blind
Unreas’ning hate-filled men of darkened mind.
God makes us the men that He wants us to be.

Gerald Cowan
via Dongola (IL) church of Christ

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