My Friend and His Text Messages

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I don’t know what we would do without friends. God created us with a need for them. Each day of God’s creation has the phrase, “God saw that it was good,” in connection with it. However, after God created man, He said, “It is not good that man should be alone.” He created us as social beings and has given us friends.

We need friends. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of mobile phones, as it allows one to be in constant contact with others. Statistics show that in 2008, the average monthly usage of cell phones was for 204 calls and 357 text messages. The monthly average for those ages 13-17 was 231 phone calls and 1,742 text messages. These numbers do not begin to reflect the astronomical increase since that study. Another study shows that each day Americans send 2,500,000,000 text messages!

I have to admit that I am very much involved in that texting world. I need friends in my life like everyone else, but let me tell you about a special friend who has sent me so many text messages which have enabled me to grow to be more like Jesus. I hope you have a friend like I do.

I remember the emotional struggle I had this time last year when my big brother, my hero, died. I remember the empty feeling I had as Judie and I left the hospital having seen Jerry for the last time. That night my friend’s text was there. He always seems to have the perfect words to enable me to keep going. His text lifted my soul and gave me strength to deal with this matter. I needed my friend. I needed his text message. I hope you have a friend like I do.

I remember dealing with other problems. Problems in the family and problems in the church arise and sometimes I feel the burden is so great. I am amazed at my friend. When I am at the lowest points in my life, his text message just changes the way I am looking at life. I hope you have a friend like I do.

My friend is so much part of my life. I talk to him often. Whether on the mountaintops of joy or in the deep valleys of life, my friend is there. I cherish every text message from him. I hope you have a friend like I do.

I have every text message he has ever sent written in a book. It has more than a thousand pages filled with those text messages from Him. When I want to know what to preach, I check that book and right in the text is the answer. When I am asked to give counsel and advice, I check that book and right in the text message is the answer. My friend has sent thousands of texts to supply every need I have.

You have that book—the Bible. Check your text messages from my Friend often!

Dan Jenkins
Palm Beach Lakes Church of Christ
Palm Beach Lakes, GA

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