Christ the Friend We Need

[124 words]

Oft my heart has bled with sorrow,
Not a friend my grief to share;
But I yielded, Christ to follow,
And He took my load of care.

Once I sighed for peace and pleasure,
Felt a painful void within;
Life was gloomy, death a terror,
Till my soul was saved from sin.

All this world is dark and dreary,
And the soul, designed for light,
Must be sad and lost forever,
While it gropes in sinful night.

Sin made all my life so bitter,
Jesus makes it sweet and pure;
Now I’m free from every fetter,
Blest with peace forevermore.

Is there here a soul in trouble?
Whosoever needs a friend,
Jesus’ love your heart will gladden,
Bless and keep you to the end.

Daniel S. Warner

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