A Consistent Christian

[144 words]

Could I be called a Christian if
everybody knew
My secret thoughts and feelings,
and everything I do?
Oh, can they see the likeness
of Christ in me each day
And do they hear Him speaking
in every word I say?
Could I be called a Christian
if other folk would know
That I am found in places
where Jesus would not go?
Oh, do they hear His echo
in every song I sing?
In eating, drinking, playing…
is Christ in everything?
Could I be called a Christian
if judged by what I read?
By all my recreation,
and every thought and deed?
Could I be counted Christ-like
in daily work and play?
Unselfish, kind, forgiving
each hour of every day?
I wonder, and I ponder, and often do I pray,
That I may be like Jesus in all I do and say.

via Sunset church of Christ
Shreveport, LA

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