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An other monumental election season has come to an end. And, again, the season has consumed us!

Let me give you an example: My family had to travel to St. Louis recently. On Saturday morning, as we were enjoying our complimentary breakfast with the rest of the weary travelers, the television in the dining hall was on a local news network. Every single commercial that aired while we were seated in that place was an ad for a Missouri politician—every single one!

We saw no ads or commercials for fast food or pizza. We saw no ads or commercials for shoes, clothes, or retail stores. We saw no ads for…you get the picture! It was only political commercials and nothing else. 

It occurred to me: These elections have been deemed important and therefore people are willing to “pull out all the stops.” In some respects, I guess this is how it is supposed to be. It is good to give maximum effort to our activities (Eccl. 9:10).

But why don’t we give similar effort and energy to sharing the Gospel? What could be more beneficial to the world than telling my lost and dying neighbors about the saving blood of Jesus? 

Why don’t we give similar effort and energy to living the Christian life? What could be more important than living with love and enthusiasm for my Lord?

If our lives we viewed as a “vote,” what would our voting habits say about us?

To place a vote is to take a stand with someone or some policy. Do my words and actions declare that I stand with Jesus and the eternal truth of the Gospel?

To place a vote is to declare what is important to you. Do I proclaim with my words and actions that I love God with all my heart and I put His kingdom first? (Matt. 6:33; 22:37)

To place a vote is an attempt to move individuals and communities in a certain direction. Do my words and actions move people closer to or further away from Jesus Christ?

Jesus was consumed with the work of Heaven (John 2:13-17). America is consumed with politics and spends billions of dollars on political campaigns. Lord, forgive us for not being consumed with you.

Bart Warren
South Green Street church of Christ
Glasgow, KY

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