Don’t Break the Bank

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Ah, it’s that time of the year when we show people how much we love them…by spending money on them. I miss you Thanksgiving! Now I know when it comes to gifts, it’s supposed to be the thought that counts. But I also know that any gift, no matter how thoughtful or thoughtless it may be, costs money. So there’s no way around it when it comes to buying gifts for other people – we’re going to have to spend the green. But there’s still the question of how much are we going to spend compared to how much do we have to spend? Here’s where I would like to make a suggestion or two when it comes to avoiding overspending this holiday season: don’t pay for Christmas in July, don’t let your eyes get bigger than your wallet, don’t worry about what the “Jones’” have under their tree, and buy a kid a bank instead of breaking it for them (Prov. 21:20). 

Eugene Adkins

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