Abiding Dependence

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During my formative years, my parents constantly talked to me about “reputation” and being “dependable!” They constantly talked to me about doing my best to have a positive reputation of “not” causing other people problems and simply being counted on at school, society, and in the workplace. Simply put, strive to be dependable. We totally understand the importance of “being there” for someone when needed. Additionally, we appreciate and seek someone who we can “count on” and be dependable for us! Typically, we start out with our parents, move to other family members, maybe teachers (counselors, coaches, administrators), school-age peers, eventually a spouse, and adult friends (inner circle, co-workers). Hopefully, in the aforementioned group, we can find some or several who can be dependable for us. Conversely, we are that for them. But, we know, as we tarry on in the journey of life, we have “let downs.” Those who we have counted on have the potential to disappoint us for one reason or another. What’s the good news? Well, the Good News is Jesus Christ. Jesus is always there for us providing we are seeking Him!

Philip Sanders, faithful gospel preacher and speaker for the In Search of the Lord’s Way program, said this about Jesus recently: “I am captive to the story of an ancient One, born of a virgin, laid in a manger, who loved all, worked miracles, lifted the fallen, healed the sick, raised the dead, and suffered on the cross for my sins. I only wish to tell that story till I can no longer speak. No story is so high, so noble, so touching, so persuasive, or so glorious. No story draws the soul to search the heart and change the life. No story makes one feel the urgency to deny oneself, to take up a cross, and to follow the One who loves. Yes, this story is above human ingenuity; it must be from God Himself. Only the word gospel could fully describe life in Christ. It is life indeed, newness of life, abundant life, and eternal life. It can come from no other than the Father through the Spirit. I am captive to a story greater than all.”

Jesus is not only “there” for us, He has been from the beginning. Jesus is dependable and we should be seeking Him and have confidence He will never let us down. Jesus is:

Savior of the world – Luke 19:10.
The Son of God – John 9:35-37.
A King – John 18:37.
Author and finisher of our faith – Hebrews 12:2.
Lord – 1 Thessalonians 1:1.

May we seek to be dependable, but may we never depend on anyone more than we do Jesus.

Allen Jones
South Green Street church of Christ
Glasgow, KY

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