Outline: All the Will of God

This sermon starter was contributed by Randal Matheny. 

“Epaphras greets you. He is one of your own and a servant of Christ Jesus. He is always wrestling in his prayers for you. He wants you to stand complete, totally sure of everything that God wants” (Colossians 4:12 PEB)

1. Maturity brings full conviction and not uncertainty.

2. It is possible for one to know and do “all the will of God” or “everything that God wants.

3. It is possible for one to remain firm in that will, continuing to do it.

4. There are threats to steadfastness in doing all the will of God.

5. It takes much prayer (of the battle or wrestling type) for everyone to stand firm in all the will of God.

Conclusion: Decide to do all the will of God. Set yourself to know that will. Commit to practicing it. Commit to teaching it. Commit to praying that you and others will do it.

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