Getting the Most Out of Sermons and Bible Lessons

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Have you ever left a Bible class or worship service and thought, “I just didn’t get much out of that.” I daresay we all have at one time or another. Let me offer some suggestions that may help us.

• I know it’s not always possible, but come to worship or Bible class well-rested. If you’re tired, it’s going to be difficult to pay attention and stay awake.

• Before you arrive at the service, prepare yourself to be a good listener and have your mind on God. Some read their Bibles or pray. Others may watch, “A Bible Answer” or “In Search of the Lord’s Way” on TV. Whatever helps you get your mind focused, do it.

• Remind yourself of how important it is to hear God’s Word proclaimed. There is always something new for us to learn or be reminded of.

• When it comes to Bible class, come prepared to participate. If you have some insight on the topic being discussed, share it so that all can benefit from it.

• Don’t be afraid to ask questions in Bible class.

• When it comes to listening to the sermon, have a positive attitude – decide that you’re going to hear something that will help you or someone else. Don’t focus on the mispronounced words or the unintentional errors. Instead, focus on the overall message and what you can learn from it.

• Follow along with the Scriptures, or, if so many are used that you can’t turn to them quickly enough, write the references down and look at them later.

• If taking notes helps you stay focused, then take notes.

• If the lesson being taught reminds of something you need to be doing, do it, because we’re not supposed to be just hearers only, but doers of God’s Word (James 1:22).

Are you getting as much as you can from the Bible class and the sermons? Let us all be “swift to hear” and “doers of the Word” (James 1:19,22).

R.W. McAlister

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