She Directed Her Child’s Steps

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There once was a church pouring new cement for the walkway to the meeting house.  One of the young mothers of the congregation took her 2-year-old baby and imprinted his hand in the wet cement pointing to the door of the building.  She wanted a constant reminder to herself and everyone else that she was going to do everything she could to direct her child’s steps to the Lord.

In the Bible (2 Tim. 1:5) we are told of another child whose faith was directed by his grandmother and mother; Timothy.  The young evangelist may have never had faith without a godly grandmother and mother wanting to direct him in the ways of the Lord.

This is how faith is often started.  A godly parent or grandparent teaching, and showing their child the way to the Lord.

Will you start a heritage of faith with your family this Sunday?

Mark T. Tonkery
Norval Park church of Christ
Zanesville, OH

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