No One Came

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Suppose you planned a community party. You invited all of your friends and neighbors to come and enjoy an afternoon of food and fun. On the week of the party, you began to prepare by cleaning the house and the yard. You rented tables and chairs, even a big portable awning so your guest would be comfortable in the shade. You cleaned the ice chest and grill, then headed off to the store to pick up the food and supplies. On the day of the party, you got up early and began to get ready for your guest to arrive. You’ve got meat on the grill, made plenty of iced tea, and all the side dishes. You’ve set up the sound system for music and placed the yard games out. You’ve worked hard and now everything is ready and your guests should begin arriving at any minute.

But then, your phone begins to light up with messages from your guests who begin making excuses to why they won’t be coming to your party. As time for the event to begin comes and goes, no guest arrive with the exception of a couple of elderly neighbors who sit quietly sipping their iced tea. “No one came,” you say to yourself as you think about all of the time, preparation and cost that went into the party that wasn’t. How would you feel?

Each and every week our bible class teachers and preachers work diligently preparing lessons, visuals, class material, and devotionals for you and your family’s spiritual benefit. If you choose without reason not to attend church services, they are disappointed and can become discouraged. Jesus told a similar story of a man who prepared a great supper, yet when it came time for the feast, the guest began to make excuses as to why they could not come (Luke 16:14-24).

So the next time you decide that it’s not important or that you won’t be missed at the next church service, think about that person who has spent considerable time preparing spiritual nourishment just for you!

Jay Launius
Maud church of Christ
Maud, TX

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