Paul’s Importance to the Early Church

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It is almost impossible to grasp just how much Paul meant to the early years of the church. We can, however, get a glimpse of this great man of faith through the letter he wrote to the church at Philippi. Look a little closer into the man as he mentions his past, present, and future.

Paul’s Past (3:2-11). Paul relives some of his past by speaking of all the accolades he received when he was still adhering to Judaism and how he turned his back on all his accomplishments so he could embrace Christianity and share the Lord with others. We all have a past! Whether it was a good one or an evil one it still needs Christ Jesus. 

Paul’s Present (3:12-14). Putting the past behind him; Paul focuses for a couple of verses on the here and now. He speaks of striving to be a better man, having a better level of spiritual wisdom, and never taking his eyes off living each day for Jesus. Nothing meant more to Paul at any given moment of his life than God! 

Paul’s Future (3:15-21). He understood that his true home was Heaven and he eagerly awaited the return of Jesus and the transformation it would bring him into glory.

Sam Bartrug
Norval Park church of Christ
Zanesville, OH

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