No Time for God?

[139 words]

No time for God?
What fools we are, to clutter up
Our lives with common things
And leave without heart’s gate
The Lord of life and Life itself—
Our God.

No time for God?
As soon to say, no time
To eat or sleep or love or die.
Take time for God
Or you shall dwarf your soul,
And when the angel death
Comes knocking at your door,
A poor misshapen thing you’ll be
To step into eternity.

No time for God?
That day when sickness comes
Or trouble finds you out
And you cry out for God;
Will He have time for you?

No time for God?
Some day you’ll lay aside
This mortal self and make your way
To worlds unknown,
And when you meet Him face to face
Will He—Should He,
Have time for you?

Norman L. Trott

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