If I Recall

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission protects the public from dangerous products. They might fine companies for bad practices or force them to recall products that are too dangerous.

To facilitate that mission, they made 80,000 lapel buttons, but they had to be recalled since the edges were too sharp. And the paint had too much lead. And the clips could break off and be swallowed by children.

Maybe it is easier to see the mistakes than to make the product perfect. It is easy to find fault in what others do. Maybe that fault is warranted but don’t make the mistake of thinking that in doing so you are in a superior position. Criticizing is easy. Creating is hard.

Too many folks think they are doing something special when they spend their time finding faults and pointing out mistakes. It may be something but it isn’t special. Any fool can complain and criticize (and most do). Yet that doesn’t make anything and may not even make the thing better.

Don’t reward the critic with more praise than the doer. Don’t think finding fault with what is done is as high as doing something.

Anyone can find fault. Greats find solutions.

Barry Haynes
Hope church of Christ
Hope, AR

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