The Heartbeat of God

[179 words]

The darkened earth wept in silence,
The sun, black and cold,
A dark and rugged stone cast into the sky;
God’s face, turned from His creation,
Eyes closed, His gentle heart
Beating as a resounding drum,
Its loud echo ringing through
The spheres of space and time.
The anguished voice of His blessed Son
Cried out,
Though the spirit, strong, remained unmarred,
Untouched by the rusty nails of man.
The world, the sea, time stood still;
Death held domination over the earth.
The heart of God paused.
The heavens wept in darkness.
God’s gracious heart beat once again,
As his eyes gazed down upon the earth,
As the luminous, gentle rays of dawn
Burst forth through shades of bitter night.
An eternal darkness was shattered, destroyed;
The sunrise would never be the same.
Released from a cold, empty tomb
An angel’s soft touch, the heartbeat of God
Would flood the chilled veins of earth
With the ever-living blood of His spirit,
Too bold, too strong, too loving to be shackled
ln a tomb carved by human hands.

via Broadway Church of Christ
Metropolis, IL

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