Supper with the King

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I want you to imagine a scene with me, a scene of beauty and wonder and grace. The King of heaven and earth has prepared a feast in honor of His Son. The table has been prepared, the Son has taken His place at the head, and we are the ones who have been invited to sit and dine and fellowship. As we look around the table, we see one another, men and women, loved by God, here by invitation. The Son, Jesus Christ, is prepared to receive us as guests and honor us as friends. He has prepared a feast before us.

Can you imagine such a scene? To be asked to eat with the King of Glory? Were He a physical king with a physical kingdom and we were invited to feast at his table, we would certainly prepare ourselves for the occasion. Our dress and demeanor and language and disposition would all reflect great joy and honor toward the one who has invited us.

God has indeed prepared a feast in honor of His Son, and Revelation 19 describes that great Supper (Revelation 19:9,17). The Lord’s Supper is symbolic of that feast. Let’s remember this as we partake of the Supper of our Lord!

Larry Fitzgerald
Woodlawn church of Christ
Abilene, TX

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