September Update, New Product Offerings

Fall is almost here, and we wanted to let you know about some exciting new product offerings at the Bulletin Digest website!

First, your September articles have been uploaded. Lifetime and Annual members have already received these by email throughout August, so be sure and mark the articles you have used. This not only helps you avoid repeating articles, but it helps us gauge what types and sizes of articles you find most useful. Thanks for your help on this!

Second, Bulletin Digest is now offering a selection of print books and downloadable books.

One of these new offerings is Bulletin Digest Quarterly, which will cover three month’s worth of material in one document. It will be available in three formats: digital PDF download, a perfect-bound printed edition (like a regular book), and a comb-bound version (helpful because it lays flat while reading).

The downloadable PDF will always be free for Lifetime and Annual members. The perfect-bound print edition is available on Amazon. The comb-bound version is printed and shipped from Bulletin Digest. We can’t offer the printed editions for free, but we do give Lifetime and Annual members a 25% discount on any item printed, sold, and shipped directly from the Bulletin Digest website. We plan to offer this every quarter. The first edition covers Winter 2023, and is material from the first quarter of the year.

Another new offering will be Christian devotional and Bible study books. The first of these is The Ever-Present Fork by Darcy Clifton. It is a fun and helpful book on Christian decision making. Available in both print and Kindle formats, it has been added to our Publications Shop, or look for it on Amazon. If you like to read inspirational material with a Christ-centered purpose, then you will enjoy this book!

Keep an eye on your email for updates, and check out the Bulletin Digest Publications Shop for links to products. All prices for products printed, shipped, and sold from the website reflect an automatic 25 percent discount for Lifetime and Annual members.

As always, thank you for supporting the work at Bulletin Digest! We pray these materials will be a help to you in your work for the Lord, and that our new devotional and study materials will help you in your Christian walk.

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