Writing Down the Reasons

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I heard of a man who said he was going to decide the question of becoming a Christian in a reasonable way. He was going to write down on one piece of paper all the reasons why he should become a Christian. On another piece of paper he would write down all the reasons why he should not be a Christian. Then he would weigh the matter in a rational way and decide.

As he was writing the reasons to become a Christian as he found them in Scripture he quickly ran out of room. He was going so fast that he was finished in just a few minutes. As he looked at the list he was impressed but this was just step one in his process.

He took a new piece of paper and began to write. He placed a number one at the top left of the page and then his pen stopped. He could not think of one reason why he should not be a Christian. There is no such logical reason.

Notice these reasons for becoming a Christian:

Salvation – 1 Peter 3:21 
Remission of Sins – Acts 2:38 
Cleansing from Sins – Acts 22:16 
Freedom from Sins – John 8:32 
Membership in the Lord’s Body – Acts 2:47 
Indescribable Joy – Acts 8:26-40 
Family – 1 Peter 2:17

God is and will always be faithful. We never will need to worry about whether or not God will give what He has promised. He is wonderful.

As Christians we need to be willing to talk to everyone that we know about becoming a Christian. It has blessed our lives so much and it will continue to bless lives in the future. We all know what we did to become Christians and need to spread the Good News!

Jonathan Burns
Findlay church of Christ
Sparta, TN

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