Should I Celebrate Religious Holidays?

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The title of our article asks an important question. Should New Testament Christians celebrate religious holidays? In the text of our lesson today (Romans 14:1-12) the subject is discussed because some Jewish Christians were holding on to the “special days” set aside by the Old Testament. This can also be seen in the letter of Galatians (4:9-11). As Paul attempted to teach them to let go of the traditions of the old law he also taught acceptance of Non-Jews who held different or no traditional holidays at all. Because of their spiritual immaturity those who keep such days were allowed to do so until they learned better.

So where does that leave the modern day Christian when it comes to religious holidays? First, remember that the Gospel is for people worldwide (Rom. 1:16) with many customs and traditions. As those people come to Christ they bring those traditions with them. For instance, a person might come from a denominational background in which certain days of fasting are observed. It would be very difficult for that person’s conscience to suddenly stop observing the tradition. Therefore tolerance for such is allowed in the “Law of Liberty.” However, the New Testament does not require Christians to observe religious holidays thus freeing us from such binding traditions.

Jay Launius
Maud church of Christ
Maud, TX

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