No Time to Complain

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Never once did our Lord have a path free from trouble.

When He went into the wilderness, He was tempted of the devil.

When He tried to rest, the multitudes followed Him.

When He taught in the synagogue, the hearers became angry and sought to throw him off the brow of the hill.

When He gave others rest for their souls, He had no place to lay His head.

When He sought peace in the garden, they came with swords and staves and led Him away to the halls of judgment.

When He did His best to be kind and loving in face of mockery, they took Him as a sheep to the slaughter and drenched Calvary with His precious blood. And yet, in spite of it all, He never grumbled about His burden. Jesus did not complain at all! He just went about doing good. 

Let us be like Him! The busiest are the happiest. Cheerful, active labor is a blessing. The busy, the active, the happy, and the cheerful don’t have time to complain.

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