Choose Jesus

If you have the ability to read and understand this right now, then by the time your life is over you are going to be a person who has the ability to make no less than a million choices. That’s right; I mean what I say!

Have you ever thought about how many choices you make a day? From the time you chose to get up this morning to the time that you will choose to go to bed tonight and everywhere in between you’re making choices.

Some choices will only affect you, some choices will affect those closest to you like family and friends, and some choices will even affect strangers that you may never meet.

What makes us choose the choices we make? How often do we make choices because we have chosen Jesus?

On multiple occasions Jesus urged His follower’s to choose wisely (John 8:24-32).

He encouraged them to

  • choose a heavenly reward over an earthly one (Matthew 6:19-24).
  • to choose the narrow way over the broad (Matthew 7:13-14).
  • to choose courage over fear (Matthew 10:28-33).
  • to choose faith over family (Matthew 10:34-39).
  • to choose forgiveness over anger (Matthew 18:21-35).
  • to choose Him (Matthew 11:28-30).

Why choose Jesus? Because there’s no other choice that makes sense – because there’s no one better to choose (Matthew 16:21-27; John 6:66-69).

Eugene Adkins

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