None the Worse for Success

We often speak of how well Joseph handled disappointments: sold into slavery; blackmailed and imprisoned; forgotten in prison for two years. Yet Joseph never forgot God.

But what about his successes?

“The LORD was with Joseph, and he became a successful man” (Genesis 39:2).

  • As a young man, he rose to a place of trust in Potiphar’s house.
  • He withstood the temptations that often accompany such power.
  • Later confined to prison, he quickly became influential and was put in charge of all other prisoners (Gen. 39:21, 22).
  • Rather than bitterness, he chose to serve others (Gen. 40:4), and to show concern for their well-being (Gen. 40:7).
  • He ascended to the second seat of power in Egypt (Gen. 41:41-42).
  • He received a new position, new clothing, a new name — and a new wife, but still served the same God.

Joseph’s trust in God was remarkable in all seasons of life.

Near death, he made his family promise that they when they left Egypt for the Promised Land, they would take his bones. Over four hundred years later, the remains of Joseph were carried out of Egypt and buried in the land God promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Joseph was a man of faith and influence in the valley, on the mountain top, and beyond the grave!

Rick Kelley
Prestonsburg, KY

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