The Day The Sun Didn’t Rise

There is an old story told of the day when the sun did not rise. Six o’clock came and there was no sign of dawn. Seven o’clock there was still no ray of light. At noon it was black as midnight. No birds sang, and only the hoot of the owl broke the silence. Then came the long black hours of  the afternoon. Finally evening arrived but no one  slept that night. Some wept. Some rang their hands in anguish. Every church was crowded with people on their knees. Thus they remained  the whole night through. After the long night of terror and agony millions of eager tear-streaked faces were turned toward the east. When the sky began to grow red and the sun rose there was a  loud shout of joy. Millions of lips said, “Bless the Lord, oh my soul” because the sun had risen after one day of darkness.

Must we have war to appreciate peace? Must  we have hunger to appreciate food? Must we have drought to appreciate rain? Must we have sickness to appreciate health? Must we lose a loved one to appreciate what they did? Must we have storms to appreciate the calm? Must we have depression to appreciate prosperity? Must  there be chaos to appreciate order? Must we be blind to appreciate sight? Must we be deaf to appreciate sound? Yes, and must there be darkness to appreciate light? I am afraid that history, the Bible, and experience answers, “Yes.”

Paul says, “When they knew God they glorified Him not as God; neither were they thankful” (Romans 1:21). Let all of us count our  blessings and be thankful. “It is a good thing to give thanks to the Lord” (Psalm 92:1).

Bob Plunket
Tuscumbia (AL) Church of Christ
Bulletin Digest (January 2005)

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