10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before I Was 21

1. That being a Christian is really, really important.

2. That my life’s career would be what it is now.

3. That my health in my later years will depend to a great degree on what I ate before I was 21.

4. That I am really a manager of my money and my possessions.

5. That being neatly and sensibly dressed is an asset in life and business.

6. That bad habits are mighty hard to change after you’re 21.

7. That worthwhile things require time, patience, and hard work.

8. That the world gives a person just about what he or she deserves.

9. That a good and thorough education brings not only a better job and better wages, but also the best of everything.

10. That absolute truthfulness in everything is invaluable.

11. And one more for extra thought: That my parents weren’t “old fogies” after all!

via Whites Creek Church of Christ
Whites Creek, TN
Bulletin Digest (January 2005)

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