Congress Gives Away Bibles

In 1777, our Continental Congress voted an expenditure of $300,000 (think how much that would be now) to buy and distribute Bibles throughout the country. By contrast, a few years ago the Supreme Court ruled that the Gideons could not even give away Bibles on public school property.

In this country a rape, murder, or assault is committed every 2.5 minutes. More than 15 million copies of porn magazines are sold every month. Three billion copies of salacious literature are sold annually — enough to fill five buildings the size of the Empire State Building. Much of this ends up in the hands and minds of our youth.

Too many marriages end in divorce. The annual profit to bookmakers and others on the receiving end of gambling is more than the combined profits of the U. S. Steel, General Motors, and ninety-seven other large corporations. There are five million alcoholics in America. A leading group of educators in Alabama colleges (the conservative Bible belt) estimates that 83% of their students had been sexually promiscuous.

Think of how things have changed since 1777! Maybe Congress ought to think about giving out some more Bibles.

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