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There is a lot of bad news out there, as mirrored on TV and the internet. The stock market is in trouble, thousands of American jobs are on the line, and threats of terrorism are shadows in the background. And then there are our own personal pain and problems to contend with. Financial, physical, medical, and relationship problems touch every one of us from time to time. The bad news is, bad news will always be here as long as this earth exists.

But the good news is, God’s good news lasts FOREVER! We are told to rejoice in the Lord always! (Phil. 4:4). The good news takes care of life’s biggest problem: sin and it’s terrible results. The good news gives us hope, the promise of eternal joy, a pure purpose, and a rewarding relationship with God our Savior. The good news of God’s grace enables us to overcome all the bad news that the world and the devil can throw at us. So be encouraged. God’s good news is victorious over bad news!

via Shinnston church of Christ
Shinnston, WV

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