Now, That’s Science! 

Our local paper carried accounts of two science workshops in local schools, and in reading the accounts, we could see that science was truly at work. In one case, the earth’s revolving around the sun was demonstrated by drawings and showing them in rapid sequence. That illustrated a point of science! In the other case, (1) A magnet pulled iron our of cereal, (2) Two chemicals formed to make a green goo, (3) Various powders were used to create bubbles and smoke of different colors, etc., and it was science! And that proves a point we have often made in the creation- evolution struggle. Science deals with that which is repeatable, testable, demonstrable.

Based on what science should be, one can observe the tadpole and his moving to the realm of the frog, and the caterpillar and his move to the butterfly. That is science! And, when students dissect the frog, there is his liver, and his kidney, etc. That is science! And, who in the world would object to such being known as science?

Against that which is clearly science, the “big bang” theory of the origin of matter is not science! That life came from non-life is not science! That man came from lower forms of life is not science! In the history of man on this planet, there has been no more outrageous instance of men inserting themselves into areas outside their fields any more than when “scientists” spout off about human or matter origins! We wish men would remain in their own fields!

Bill Jackson (deceased)
via Chapman church of Christ
Ripley, MS

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