Revealing Authenticity

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An online dictionary defines the term authentic as the following: not false or copied; genuine; real. With the use of social media in today’s world, being authentic has taken a backseat to having the “perfect” image online. We have become obsessed with ourselves and making ourselves as near-perfect as possible.

Social media is inundated with selfies. But most selfies have multiple shots to get the right lighting or background. Then quite often the selfie is given a filter. Before long, the selfie is more like a professional glamor shot rather than an authentic or genuine picture. We quite often filter our lives to show others what we want them to see. We rarely show our true, real, genuine self.

And that is just our pictures. What about our words? Are our conversations truly authentic? Do we often use our screens to hide behind instead of taking time to have face to face discussions? We must have true, genuine, authentic conversations with friends and loved ones to have deep relationships.

Technology allows us to manage our image. We can’t let technology and social media keep us from being a follower of Christ. When we “project” an image on social media, we often are hiding or keeping things away from viewers. That can typically be sin. We must strive to seek ourselves less and seek God more.

John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

Our life shouldn’t be about obtaining the most friends, followers, likes, etc. on social media. Your identity is not determined by your followers, but rather who you are following in your life.

Who are you following?

Nick Pace
Glasgow, KY

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