Are We Bringing Our Children Up or Down?

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Rules for Bringing Up a Child:

1. Make home the brightest and most attractive place we can.
2. Make him responsible for helping in some daily duties at home.
3. Never punish in anger nor to relieve our own feelings, but only in love and for disobedience. 4.Do not ridicule his ideas; talk frankly on matters in which he is interested.
5. Encourage him to invite friends to our home and table.
6. Impress on his mind the fact that service and honesty are more important than making money.
7. Live Christ before him so you will be able to talk of Christ to him.
8. Let him see your enjoyment and profit from Bible reading and prayer.
9. Set an example in faithful church attendance and interest in the work.
10. Be much in prayer for his salvation and spiritual growth.

Rules for Bringing Down a Child:

1. Let him have plenty of money to spend as he likes.
2. Permit him to choose his companions without restraint or guidance.
3. Let him spend Sunday hours on the street or with companions with low ideals as to the Lord’s day.
4. Allow him to go out at night as he pleases and return when he gets ready.
5. Make no inquiry as to where and with whom he spends his leisure time.
6. Teach him to expect pay for all help at home and for all service to others.
7. Allow him to think that good manners are a good substitute for good morals.
8. Do not trouble to interest him in the Bible or to win him to Christ.
9. Let him see that you think church attendance is not important.
10.Never let him hear you pray, especially for his salvation.

“Bring them UP in the nurture and admonition of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).

Allen Webster
Jacksonville, FL

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