Sentence Sermons from Acts (Part 1)

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The book of Acts vividly records the first thirty years of the history of the church of Christ. As Wayne Jackson noted, “Christianity burst into existence with a debut more dramatic than anything history had ever known” (The Acts of the Apostles: From Jerusalem to Rome, p. 1). Embedded within this thrilling description of events are practical lessons in abundance. Following are a few examples of these useful messages.

1. Following the Lord’s example means that we will practice what we preach (1:1).
2. It is important not to misunderstand the nature of Christ’s kingdom (1:6-8).
3. Jesus is coming again (1:10-11).
4. We should not neglect prayer, especially in times of uncertainty (1:14).
5. God knows the hearts of all men (1:24).
6. Tongue-speaking, as claimed by some today, is not the same as that recorded in the New Testament (2:6-8, 11).
7. Immersion in water is necessary for the salvation of the sinner (2:37-38).
8. We should be willing to help people in whatever ways we can (3:6).
9. The prophets predicted the suffering of Jesus and the establishing of His church (3:24-26).
10. Some people will not be convinced of the truth regardless of the evidence (4:17).
11. It should be difficult for Christians to keep silent about Jesus (4:19-20).
12. Lying is always wrong (5:3-4).
13. Discipline deters if properly employed (5:11).
14. God is the highest authority (5:29).
15. Prejudice should not exist among Christians (6:1).
16. Responsibilities in the local church should be assigned to spiritual people according to each one’s ability (6:2-4).

Eddie Parrish
Rosenburg, TX

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