Sentence Sermons from Acts (Part 2)

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The book of Acts vividly records the first thirty years of the history of the church of Christ. As Wayne Jackson noted, “Christianity burst into existence with a debut more dramatic than anything history had ever known” (The Acts of the Apostles: From Jerusalem to Rome, p. 1). Embedded within this thrilling description of events are practical lessons in abundance. Following are a few more examples of these useful messages.

1. Debating is not inconsistent with Christians principles (6:9).
2. When dishonest people will not accept the truth, they will resort to any tactic (6:10-11).
3. God never forsakes His faithful children, even when it may seem like He does (7:9).
4. We should love our enemies (7:60).
5. It is possible for a Christian to lose his salvation (8:13, 20-23).
6. Among those who could perform miracles, only apostles could pass along those abilities to others (8:14-17).
7. It is one thing to read the word of God; it is another to understand it (8:30-31).
8. Preaching Jesus can include preaching the necessity of baptism (8:35-36).
9. The way we treat each other directly and personally affects Jesus (9:4-5).
10. There are things we must do in order to be saved (9:6).
11. We should strive to be people full of good works and charity (9:36).
12. God does not forbid the eating of meat (10:13).
13. The gospel is worth inviting your relatives and friends to hear (10:24).
14. God assesses a person by that person’s relationship to His law, not skin color or place of birth (10:34-35).

Eddie Parrish
Rosenburg, TX

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