Two Are Better Than One

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Everyone knows that holding hands with your spouse is romantic. But did you know it could be therapeutic? Neuroscientists at the University of Virginia found that married women under extreme stress who reach out and hold their husbands’ hands feel immediate relief. And not just any hand will do—their husband’s touch provided significantly more comforting than that of a stranger.

“The effect of this simple gesture of support is that the brain and the body don’t have to work as hard in response to a threat,” says the study’s lead author. “It’s deeply soothing.” So the next time you’re feeling stressed over deadlines at work, finances, or kids, grab your husband’s or wife’s hand. You will both feel better!

Solomon also had this figured out when he wrote in Ecclesiastes, “two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes 4:9).

Gary Herridge
Parkersburg, VA

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