As We Headed Out the Door

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As we headed out the door of our house to load (or should I say cram) our daughter’s final bag of luggage into the car. I went back inside to make sure we had turned off all the lights. For whatever reason, l walked down the hallway to my daughters bedroom, opened the door and stepped inside. My emotions got the best of me at that very moment and tears began to stream down my face (as they are right now in rethinking that moment). I sat down on her bed and immediately a thousand precious memories began pouring into my heart and mind. I recalled having to cut short my Sunday morning Bible class to take my wife to the hospital and shortly thereafter seeing for the first time that precious seven-and-a-half pound baby girl. I saw her face looking our way as she sat atop a horse during the final ceremonies of her first-ever “horse camp.” I felt the warm embrace that we shared immediately after I baptized her into Christ for the remission of her sins.

This was my baby girl, and today she was beginning her collegiate career. This would be her first time away from home, away from her mother and I, for an extended period of time. My baby girl is all grown up, and reality of this fact was starting to hit me for the very first time. It is true what they say, “They (your children) will be all grown up before you know it!” To say I was an emotional wreck for a few minutes would be an understatement.

Just before I got up from that bed and headed out the door, I thanked God for entrusting me with the care of this precious gift (Psalm 127:3-5). I asked for His forgiveness in those areas that I failed as a father. I too asked for His blessing upon my daughter as she embarks upon this new chapter in life. As I uttered my closing “Amen,” I got up from the bed, closed the door and tried my very best to fight back the tears as I headed toward the car.

Terry Townsend
Jasper, AL

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