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…A mother is trying to make up her mind whether to let a surgeon do an operation on her only child that may take her life.

…A man whose son didn’t come home last night is walking through a door marked “City Morgue.”

…A man is sitting on his bed toying with a pistol while his wife is shrieking at him from the bottom of the stairs to come down and explain his recent whereabouts.

…A wife whose marriage has “gone on the rocks” is on a street corner flirting with a man she knows will destroy her fidelity.

…A young woman is being wheeled into the delivery room from which she knows that mother or child, not mother and child, will be wheeled out.

…A tired doctor is shaking his head and saying, “terminal cancer.”

…And, a contented “Christian” is staying at home deciding against going to worship services, because afier all, he doesn’t really have anything for which to be thankful.

Author Unknown

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