Did God Create These Little Devils?

I am talking about a small but extremely aggressive marsupial called the “Tasmanian Devil.” They only exist on an island south of Australia. Experts in Sydney believe that these little animals developed/evolved a (cocktaiI) milk formula that helps their young resist infection. Their milk contains cathelicidins in their genetic code, and tests run on 25 Types of bacteria and six types of fungi were very effective – including killing the superbug MRSA! Also Candida, a skin infection.

I cannot believe the Tasmanian devil developed and evolved that complex genetic formula on its own, or by some freak resistance, which arrived at a genetic formula. Scientists demand hard evidence, and yet they believe in “chance” in incredible leaps and bounds.

God’s genetic codes and marvelous sensible design is seen everywhere (Romans 1:18-20). You can believe in luck, or the Lord. He created these little devils. They are a wonderful example of His wisdom, power, and glory.

Rick Laing
Highland Village church of Christ
Austin, TX

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