Living Life

As we live life day in and day out, are we living in a way that shows Jesus to others? Allen Webster wrote, “The shortest verse of the Bible says a lot! It tells us that the Great Physician had good bedside manners. Jesus knew that people generally do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. He knew that Mary and Martha needed someone to care about their pain. They had lost a brother and their hearts were breaking, so, even though He was about to resurrect Lazarus, He wept (John 11:35) with those that wept (Romans 12:15; Job 30:25).”

So we go about our daily activities, are we showing those in our community that we care about them. Are we weeping with those who weep? Are we be excited with those who are excited? Are we joyous? Do we laugh? Are we being genuine around those we come in contact with, so that we can show them Jesus and His saving message?

Are we living in a way that Jesus lived, by living out this Jewish proverb:

Among those who stand, do not sit;
Among those who sit, do not stand;
Among those who laugh, do not weep;
Among those who weep, do not laugh.

Let each of us live in a way that shows Jesus every day. We need to realize that we might be the only one that someone sees that day or week, that reminds them or teaches them about Jesus. We hope and pray that everyone has a blessed week!

Lance Morrisett
Hooker church of Christ
Hooker, OK

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