Hiding It All Away

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A couple of weeks ago, my family and I went to see the new movie called Frozen. It’s a Disney movie that centers around two sisters named Elsa and Anna. Elsa was born with magical powers that allow her to make snow and ice. One night, she accidentally hurts her sister with her powers so her parent s tell her to hide her secret away. They buy her gloves she can wear so she won’t accidentally touch someone or something to reveal her powers and even make up a mantra for her to try to help her control her magical abilities: “Conceal it. Don’t feel it.”

As is usually the case, ignoring the problem only makes matters worse and before long the entire world is covered in an eternal winter because of Elsa’s unbridled powers. I will leave off the rest of the movie incase you want to see it for yourself.

I am afraid that often times, we try to be like Elsa. We try to hide our fears, hurts, and angers. We tuck them beneath a smiling exterior that we show to the world and expect them to disappear. Then, we are surprised when they suddenly erupt in our faces with unintended consequences. How many relationships have been destroyed because someone tried to bury their feelings of hurt rather than address them? How many angry outbursts have filled the ears of loved ones because frustrations have built to a breaking point rather than l being released a little at a time? How many people are living their lives filled with needless guilt and pain all ! because they are ashamed to speak to someone?

Hiding our emotions is a dangerous thing. Instead of telling ourselves not to feel a certain way, we need to spend time addressing why we feel that way to begin with. We may need to speak to a friend or counselor in order to better understand our emotions. In the end, whatever steps we take to hide our feelings away will never work. Let us all learn a lesson from this children’s movie. Let us strive to control our emotions rather than ignore them.

Walter Rayburn
Owl Hollow church of Christ
Winchester, TX

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