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The book The Kid Who Changed The World by Andy Andrews is based on the Butterfly Effect. The idea is that every time something happens, something else happens. When a butterfly flaps its wings, it moves tiny pieces of air, which then moves other tiny pieces of air. Essentially, every little thing you do, has some type of impact on the world around you. What you did yesterday, today, and what you will do tomorrow matters.

Norman Borlaug is the kid who changed the world, because he decided as a child, growing up on a farm, that all the corn they had could be used to feed the hungry people of the world. Norman learned all he could about plants throughout his school years. Then he was hired by a man named Henry Wallace to develop special seeds which would grow into super plants to help feed the hungry. He did, and two billion people were fed! But, Henry Wallace was actually the kid who changed the world, because as a child, he learned all he could about plants from a man named George. Henry learned so much he became the U.S. Sec. of Agriculture under Franklin D. Roosevelt.

However, George was actually the kid who changed the world, because while at Iowa State on the weekends, George would take his professor’s son, Henry Wallace, around campus teaching him all about plants. 

But really, Susan Carver was the one who truly changed the world, because she and her husband Moses, rescued a child who they eventually adopted. His name was George Washington Carver.

No matter how old or young we are, we impact the world around us. May our impact be like Lois, Eunice, and Timothy!

Justin Barnes
Azalea City church of Christ
Semmes, AL

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