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The practice of desensitization by saturation is very common one. Just take a moment and look back in your life and compare your past to what is allowed and permitted in our culture today. I understand that there is nothing new under the sun (Ecc. 1:9) and the sin we deal with today is the same as the sin we have dealt with in the past. But there is an all-out effort to desensitize our minds in the areas of morality. Television, movies, music, and the internet; are all well into the “saturation” mode. The homosexual agenda is in full swing. The level of violence “needed” in a major action movie defies description. And sex? There is not one part of our culture that sex is not a part of. The world says, “Take it, and enjoy.” So, what does all this mean for the Christian?

For one thing, we should recognize what the proven result of saturation actually is. It results in an unstable desire for more. Lust gratified leads to more lust. It’s called addiction. A person starts down a road just “a little” and hears the promise that it will never go very far. Satan has been making addicts out of those folks since the beginning. When we keep going back for samples from the immoral buffet, we’re eating the same garbage as that fellow that we wag our heads at who brought the “all you can eat” deal. And this fare is expressly made to keep you coming back for more. And it does.

So, stop eating the garbage! We don’t have to eat it, you know? We don’t have to see the latest movie. Our kids don’t have to listen to the newest wave of “music.” And we don’t have to listen to old trash either! We don’t have to watch homosexuals make fun of moral standards on the most popular sitcoms. We don’t have to watch anything, if there’s nothing worth watching, do we? Let’s try re-sensitizing by dehydration. Let’s take out the garbage!

Jonathan Page
Carter Lake Road church of Christ
Bowie, TX

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