Is Your ‘Wish List’ Also Your ‘Work List?’

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There many out there who have wish lists. On this list are all the things they desire. The list proves that the individual is able to dream big. Those who look at the list often smile. The things on it are things that others dream of as well.

However, the things on the “wish list” are not the things that these individuals are working to achieve. In other words, they are not working to make their dreams come true. They work only to get by. They work only to pay the bills. They work only to get to the end of the week.

Wishes do not come true just because they are written down.

Wishes do not come true by winning the lottery.

Wishes do not come true by inheriting millions of dollars.

Wishes do not come true by rubbing genie bottles.

Wishes do not come true by winning Publisher’s Clearing House. Wishes come true through hard, diligent work over the long haul. Dear readers, a few may get it the easy way, but most do not. Those whose dreams come true have worked hard for the things they have. They have paid the price. They have overcome the obstacles. They have put in the time. In the end, they finally reap the rewards of their labors. 

Do you have a “wish list?” Make it your “work list.” Make all of your wishes come true.

Victor Eskew
Oceanside church of Christ
Atlantic Beach, FL

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