Sign Me Up!

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Have you ever received an offer that seemed too good to refuse? Perhaps at a department store the clerk entices with 25 percent off your purchase if you sign up for a credit card. Or, you watch a demonstration of a fantastic new product but the catch is you must buy it right away if you want the best value. Maybe you have even been lured into one of those “free kitten” or “free puppy” deals in the dollar store parking lot. Sometimes we are quick to say, “Sign me up” and don’t think about living with our decision on a daily basis—whether it is good or bad.

Not only does this happen in worldly decisions, but also in spiritual decisions. When Peter, Andrew, James, and John were all called to follow Jesus, they “straightway” and “immediately” followed him (Mat. 4:18-22). Did they realize the kind of commitment they were making? Did they understand the sufferings they would have to endure? Jesus would later speak of the great commitment and sacrifice in following Him. He said that He had no place to lay His head (Mat. 8:20) and a man must forsake all that he has to be His disciple (Luke 14:33). Furthermore, Jesus would speak of the suffering that His followers must endure by being persecuted (Mat. 5:11) and hated because of Him (Mark 13:13).

We are not much different today. Following after Christ is a big decision and there are persecutions and sacrifices involved (2 Tim. 3:12). Yet, it is wonderful when people make that decision very quickly and show themselves to be dedicated every step of the way—no matter what. Such was the case with Peter, Andrew, James, and John. In spite of human weaknesses, they proved to be valuable servants of the Lord until the end of their lives. They said, “Sign me up” and they meant it! There were no gimmicks, presents, or accolades; but, there was they promise of something greater to come. We have the same promise of an eternal inheritance (Col. 3:23,24). So, what do you say? “Sign me up!”

Derrick Coble
West Sparta church of Christ
Sparta, TN

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