You Never Know

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Last year we enjoyed a really nice crop of sunflowers. When their time of prime was over, they were cut and cast onto the burn pile. Lo and behold, what should sprout this year in the middle of that pile but a sunflower. I don’t know how many sunflowers or how many seeds were discarded, but one made it. It survived a long cold winter, at least three fires, and had no help from anyone or anything else. It was in a place that defied all the odds with everything against it, yet today it is blooming and is a source of beauty in the midst of chaos and refuse.

You never know where a seed may go, or where it may choose to roam, 
In cracks, in seams, so full of dreams, that seed is seeking a home. 
In a garden, a flowerbed, in pots galore, some seeds have it made, 
But others struggle to find some soil suitable for it to be laid. 
Jesus said, Go spread the Word, the Seed of joy and love, 
Cast that Seed and let it fall, a blessing from above. 
Sow in faith, sow in hope, not knowing what may be brought, 
Sow in knowledge that the seed may bring far more than you think it ought. 
You never know where a seed may go, or how it might behave, 
But without that seed, the Gospel, the Word, a soul you can never save. 

Keith Olbricht
Shady Acres church of Christ
Sikeston, MO

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