When I Am Tempted

[139 words]

When I am tempted I dare not stray
For many people look my way;
Loved ones to sicken and distrust
If I betray my sacred trust;
Weak ones to stumble and to fall
If I should heed temptation’s call;
Young ones to follow in my wrong
If my heart’s not kept pure and strong;
Older ones to mourn and grieve
If I the way of truth should leave;
The holy church to suffer, too,
If my soul is not right and true,
My charge is plain, my duty clear,
My soul to keep, my Lord to fear,
My light to shine, my savor keep,
Truth to teach, souls to reap,
A hope to gain, a crown to wear,
A race to run, Heaven to share.
When I am tempted, I dare not stray,
Too many people look my way.

Owen Cosgrove
via Nettleton church of Christ
Jonesboro, AR

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