A Servant’s Prayer

[166 words]

Make me a servant, Lord.

Give me a servant’s eyes,
Able to see the slightest needs of those around me.

Let me have a servant’s ears,
Tuned to detect the softest cry of help
from the lowliest person.

Give me a servant’s voice,
One which speaks words of comfort and
cheer to those in despair.

Give me a servant’s hands,
Let them be tough enough for hard
work and tender enough to touch a
crying child.

Make my back a servant’s back,
Strong enough to bear both my own and
the burdens of others.

Let me have a servant’s knees,
Let them be flexible enough to bend
to the lowliest task and to pray.

Give me a servant’s feet,
Let them be quick to take me where I can do
the greatest good for the weary pilgrim, my
lowly brother, and my broken-hearted sister.

And Lord, most of all, give me a servant’s heart,
Because with that, Lord, the rest will come in due time.


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