We’ll Praise the Lord

[124 words]

We’ll praise the Lord for sins forgiven,
Praise Him evermore;
Till earth has passed away forever,
Christ we will adore.

We’ll praise the Lord for full salvation,
Hearts made pure and free;
We’ll praise Him for a blest infilling,
And for victory.

We’ll praise Him for a church triumphant
Here on earth below,
Where every soul is made, in Jesus,
Whiter than the snow.

We’ll praise the Lord that death’s dark valley
Is no longer drear;
The light of love dispels the shadows,
Drives away our fear.

We’ll tell the story,
And give God glory,
For He has saved us by His blood,
And we will sing and praise the Lord;
When like a scroll the sky has vanished,
Still we’ll praise the Lord.

Daniel O. Teasley

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