Beating Worry

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Time has a way of improving the conditions of daily lives. What posed as hardship for my grandparents are today’s luxuries. Surrounded with gadgets and gizmos to make life easy, why can’t they invent something, anything that will remove worry from our lives?

Volumes have been written to abate the damage worry causes. Man may find more things to worry about, but Jesus alone holds the secret to beat worry. Jesus said that to neutralize stress one must keep clear, spiritual priorities (Mat. 6:33). The Christian is entitled to place his trust in God. Unlike the rest of creation, God gives the faithful disciple the benefits of His protection (v. 26). Let God have priority over any and every problem and one can live without being crushed by worry.

Worry, and the stress it spawns, can be reduced by living one day at a time (Mat. 6:34). Jesus teaches that God is well aware of our needs. Dream big about tomorrow but don’t steal its heartaches. These are literally the times that try men’s souls. Jesus alone can bring contentment to the stressed out world.

David Bragg
Northwest church of Christ
Greensboro, NC

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