What Will Your Checkbook Tell About You?

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Some time ago I read about a man who had written many biographies. He noted that it was easy to find out what a man said and what he had done, but when it came to finding out what kind of man he really was, the biographer was up a stump. Then he discovered that the surest way to get the truth was to look at the stubs of old check books.

What a man gives his money for–that tells the tale. Why not stop before you read any further and get your checkbook for the past year? What does it say about you? It might say:

1. “This man cares more about entertainment–football, hunting, fishing, golf, tennis, and movies–than he does the church.”

2. “This man cares more about his personal appearance–clothes, grooming, haircuts, etc.–than he does the church.”

3. “This man cares more about civic interests–clubs, community projects and the Red Cross–than he does about the lost.”

4. “This man cares more about vacations and traveling (just look at those gas bills) than he does about the expansion of the Kingdom of God.”

5. “This man cares more about temporal security–bonds, stocks, and investments–than he does about treasures in heaven.”

Would you be ashamed if suddenly your checkbook began to blab the truth about you to all your friends and neighbors?

G.K. Wallace

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